Current Projects

Project NameLeadStatusDue Date
3rd St. Complex InfrastructureCTS Delayed2013-08-01
911 System UpdateCTS Completed2012-08-01
ACSCTS Completed2012-12-21
Add LEM Logging Agent to Production ServersACES Delayed2012-09-30
AGILE/SCRUM Implementation (from WEAVE Projects)ACES Completed2013-06-11
Banner / Oracle 11G UpgradePMO Completed2012-10-19
Banner eProcurement / eVA IntegrationPMO Delayed2013-03-29
Bedford Hall RenovationCTS Completed2012-08-01
Bedford Security CamerasCTS Delayed2012-10-26
BOE Conversion to Tomcat (from WACS)ACES Completed2012-12-14
CARS Data CrosswalkPMO Delayed2012-08-31
Compellent SAN ConversionACES On Hold2014-03-01
Cyber Security Lab InfrastructureCTS Completed2012-08-01
Desktop StandardsUSS Delayed2013-06-30
Desktop VirtualizationPMO Delayed2013-12-31
Emergency Notification SystemUSS On Hold0000-00-00
Establish LU Remote Operations Host-Site ACES Delayed2014-01-31
French RenovationPMO In Process2014-05-30
Implement IPSEC filterCTS Completed2012-10-18
Information Risk Executive Council (IREC) OPS Management ACES InitiativesACES In Process2015-01-01
Intrustion Prevention System (IPS)ISO Delayed2013-01-21
Lancer Park - North Campus InfrastructureCTS Delayed2013-08-01
Log Event ManagmentISO Delayed2013-06-28
Nursing Lab InfrastructureCTS Completed2012-08-01
Online Credentials for StudentsPMO Delayed2012-11-01
Pinnacle v.6 Upgrade & MigrationPMO Delayed2013-01-25
Remote Site Backup & OperationsACES Delayed2014-03-03
Removal of Admin RightsUSS
Sharepoint / K2 ImplementationPMO Delayed2012-10-26
Upgrade Internet Pipe from 300MB to 500MBCTS Completed2012-08-31
VDOT / Longwood Building InfrastructureCTS Delayed2012-08-01
Wheeler Lot Access Control GateCTS On Hold2012-08-01
Windows 7 MigrationUSS
Wireless ControllerCTS Completed2012-10-15
Wireless Network ExpansionCTS Completed2012-08-01
Workflow Software Implementation (K2 Blackpearl)ACES Delayed2013-09-30